New Castle


New Castle is a collection of twelve images taken in the North Shields of England in late 2006, during a photography residency commissioned by the International Photographers and Researchers Network (IPRN). The collection features predominantly buildings and/with green spaces such as fields or parks.

The focus on habitation, physical and psychological spaces continue to be explored by Chua Chye Teck in this body of work, only this time taken in a different country. In vein with many of his past images, which examine memory through present or absent dwelling spaces, New Castle invites the viewer to contemplate upon each image, drawing on one’s own memory bank for comparisons.

In this series, we look at buildings which are devoid of human presence and wonder about their inhabitants. Each image hints at desolation, an emptiness coupled sometimes with a touch of the macabre, but always with a sense of prohibition. We are faced with obstacles that are either added — barbed wire, brick wall, boards (on windows), grills, bollards; or present by their own imposed strength — the forbidding sides of buildings, a blue gate; or supplemented in the form of decoys — melted plastic dumpster, a large hedge.