This series presents found pieces of wire discarded on the roadside which I collected during my daily wanderings over one year. They are all leftovers from construction projects that are prevalent in the city. The building and tearing down action of renewal, continuous development, constant cleaning and clearing – the ever-changing landscape is a subject close to my heart having worked on such issues over the last 15 years.

The realisation that most of my found objects have had a common base in construction has also brought to focus the power of photography as a medium to transform. My working process can almost be described as clinical – the objects I find are usually brought home as they are with minimum manipulation to their structures. They are then laid against an identical support used for all objects and photographed. In this manner, I am using the camera at its more basic function which is to reproduce what the eye sees, and my presentation of the images on textured paper reduces the typical « photo » quality of the image.