Chua Chye Teck in conversation with Silke Schmickl


Silke Schmickl: The publication of Beyond Wilderness gives us the opportunity to talk about your latest series of photographs, as well as your practice as an artist and photographer. How did you come to art?Chua Chye Teck: There have been a few times in my life when making art gave me the attention that I needed as a human being. I had a hard time during my school days but always enjoyed crafting objects, which can be partly explained by my family background, as I grew up in a family of carpenters. At the age of 10, I asked my mother to buy me a camera so that I could take pictures of the environment we lived in — a wish that she fulfilled a few years later. After graduating from school I heard about two art institutions in Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts. I decided to study Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture at LASALLE and graduated in 1996. At the same time I continued my personal exploration of photography and invested in some equipment.