"As long as intimacy goes on, so will Eternity." - Calvin Klein

The basis for the exhibition stems from an invitation to a Singaporean photographer to record the run-down conservation shop-houses numbers 107 and 109 Rowell Road (motorcycle workshop, garung kuni shop and brothel) before they are transformed by the resident curatorial team p-10 into Post-Museum (exhibition space, café, studios and offices). The result is 9 selectively composed photographic images of second floor cubicle partitions, urging viewers to piece together in their minds the cramped conditions for intimacy, in comparison with the present retrofits of an independent cultural space. Art’s intimacy and proximity to life and lives are questioned here with a potentially sensitive topic, but documented here with apolitical and banal representation.

The pastiche of the exhibition title is by no means a parody of the cologne by Calvin Klein, but an extension or re-reading of our presumptions of ‘Intimacy’, and ‘Eternity’; ‘Love’ and ‘Immortality’. These pair words, loaded by the promises between lovers are seductive and cautious. In the realm of art, they are callous, empty promises in the face of decay and superficial preservation. Eternity is but an idealised concept, loved by many